Amazing Comparison Between E-Cigarettes and Normal Cigars

Aug 31, 2019 E-cigs
Amazing Comparison Between E-Cigarettes and Normal Cigars

Do you really wish to understand the difference between the normal cigar and the electronic cigar? Whereas the normal cigar is made from the simplest technology that you can think of, the e-cigarettes are made from the complicated process that needs a lot of information for you to be able to understand it fully. The normal cigar simply involves folding some dry tobacco in a special paper so that once the burning is initiated on the lower end; you will have your cigar to start producing the smoke that you will be able to smoke.

Tobacco is known to contain some elements of nicotine that once it is inhaled, you can rest assured that you will feel some sensational feelings that you have always admired. This is what can make you an addict if you are a smoker. On the other hand, technology has really impacted on the production of the e-cigarettes, no wonder they are called electronic cigars. With these, there is no dry tobacco is used. Liquid tobacco is produced from the industry so that it is then put in one of the cartridge that will act as a reservoir. It will then be stored here until that time when you will need to enjoy your smoking. This article aims at enabling you to become aware on various aspects as far as the e-cigarettes are concerned. These aspects are as follows;

  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Electronic liquid
  • Sensor

Lithium-ion battery

Being an electronic device, the gadget will have to use electricity to perform its operations. This is the reason why e-cigarettes have the battery as one of their basic components. The moment you charge the battery, it will have to play an important role in your device. Since the device contains some tobacco in liquid form, such liquid need to be heated until the point of vaporization. This is when the battery takes its role. You therefore need to be connected with electricity for you to be able to enjoy using this device without any interruption whatsoever.

Electronic liquid

The liquid is extracted from raw tobacco. It is then changed into the liquid state that will be stored in the reservoirs of the cartridge of your e-cigarette. It is important to note that as you use your device, there will come a point when your reservoir will dry. At this time, you will either opt to change the e-liquid or even dispose the whole cartridge. This is quite contrary to what normally happens with your normal cigar. You only use it once and dispose the remnants.


The role of the sensor that is fitted in the mouthpiece is to detect the time you need to vape. It then triggers the device to produce the vapor very fast. It is the battery that is able to ignite the device for fast heating of the solution. This is the reason why you need to take good care of your battery. You can take good care of the battery by ensuring that it is always charged.