Why Women And Men Can Both Use An Electronic Cigarette Because There Are So Many Different Styles And Colours To Choose From

Mar 5, 2020 Blog, E-cigs, General

In modern society, there are some things that are more appropriate for males to do and some things that are more appropriate for females to do. Thankfully more and more people are breaking these stereotypes; however, they still do exist quite strongly in this day and age and there is still a long way to go. For example, if a female was to go to a gun club they may feel out of place because there aren’t that many other females there.

On the other hand, a male may want to go to an aerobics class but then they feel like everyone is staring at them because they are the only man in the room. While there are many people out there who don’t care if they don’t fit in or if they are stared at, there are other people out there who do care. This is why these people may be happy to know that both woman and men can use a vapor king starter kit because there are so many different styles and colours to choose from.


Both women and men can both use an electronic cigarette because there are feminine colours, masculine colours, and gender-neutral colours to choose from

woman while vaping

It may surprise some people to know that they actually aren’t any colours that are associated with gender. This was simply something that was introduced by marketing companies and they were wanting to sell more baby products. This means that when someone was having a baby girl they would go out and buy pink and when someone was having a baby boy that would go out and buy a blue.

While there is initially nothing wrong with this there are many people who don’t identify as a girl or a boy and so these colours don’t work for them. And then there are some girls who are more masculine and then there are some boys who are more feminine, so it really doesn’t make any sense for gender to have a colour. Having said this, people still do associate certain colours with certain genders which means that there are many females out there that enjoy pink and there are many males out there that enjoy blues and blacks. The good news is that no matter what colour somebody prefers they are very likely able to find an electronic cigarette in this colour which means that any person of any gender can enjoy them.


Both men and women can use an electronic cigarette because it is not a traditionally gender specific activity

One of the great things about using electronic cigarette is that it is a relatively modern activity which means that there is no gender assigned to it. Other activities and hobbies or sometimes struggle because they have such a rich history which means there may be a gender attached to it. This means that a man or a woman or anyone else is able to use their electronic cigarette out and about and they aren’t going to get looked at twice.

This means that people can feel comfortable using them when they’re out in public or while they’re at work, or when they are at any other place. And hopefully as time goes on there will be more and more gender neutral activities so that everybody is able to enjoy them without a worry. And in the meantime people can go about choosing an e-cigarette or vapor king starter kit in a colour, pattern, or style that feels right to them.